Below are important CCSS-M resources created by the authors Phil Daro, Bill McCallum and/or Jason Zimba.

Common Core State Standards Website

Here you will find all original documents of the Common Core State Standards initiative. Be sure to check out documents regarding Students with Disabilities, English Language Learners and more.

Standards for Mathematical Practice

Know these well! The CCSS-M describes here what "mathematically proficient students" do. How do these Standards for Mathematical Practice inform how you create a classroom culture where students regularly engage in mathematics?

Introductory Videos
The authors have created a collection of short videos that help you better interpret and implement the CCSS-M. These videos are excellent tools for professional learning for all stakeholders.

Other Documents

Examples of Structures

Traditionally, state standards have been interpreted as a "checklist" of topics to cover with students. This document provides guidance in understanding how the mathematics connects and evolves across the grades and, hence, helps us to effectively interpret and implement the CCSS-M.

Learning Progressions

Never before have states had a document that gives specific detail on how students build understanding for a particular mathematical topic across the grades. Use these documents in professional learning communities to better understand and support the mathematics at your grade-level.