Below are websites and resources for using rich problems, tasks and lessons that engage students in the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

The Mathematics Common Core Toolbox

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Aust
in and education company Agile Mind, Inc. provides a wealthy toolbox of resources to support educators and leaders as they implement the mathematics standards. The website includes information about the standards, a gallery of animations and simulations of key mathematics concepts central to the new standards for middle and high school mathematics, assessment tools and tasks, K-Algebra II scope and sequence samples, and more.

Illustrative Mathematics Project

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this project aims to build a bank of example rich tasks that illustrate the CCSS-M. It creates a dynamic view of the CCSS-M. You can view only those standards that have examples posted at this time.

Inside Mathematics

This site has it all! Take the Video Tour to see what it can do for K-12 teachers, coaches and administrators.

Balanced Assessment

This ten-year assessment project, started at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, yields over 300 free and innovative mathematics assessment tasks for grades K-12.

Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS)

This work out of University of Nottingham, Berkeley and the Shell Centre focuses on implementing rich mathematical experiences for K-12 students through performance assessments. It is built from earlier work with the Balanced Assessment Project, mentioned above. MARS also provides resources for curriculum design.

NCTM Illuminations

Funded by the Verizon Thinkfinity program, this NCTM site has been illuminating the standards for over a decade, and it just keeps getting better! From complete units to interactive games and applets to helpful videos, this is a teacher must-have.

Ohio Resource Center

The Ohio Resource Center strives to save Ohio teachers time. This site is a well-organized, one-stop shopping experience for various resources aligned to the OACS and more! CCSS-M alignments are coming soon. Only resources of "best practice" or "promising practice," scrutinized by a panel of professionals, are included. Be sure to check out:

NRICH: Enriching Mathematics

The aim of this Cambridge University site is to provide resources designed "to develop subject knowledge, problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills." Check out the wealth of rich task offerings! The Curriculum Maps contain links to task resources that align to content written in simple language.

Bowland Maths

This is another excellent resource! Funded by Bowland Charitable Trust in the UK, its "materials look very different from most maths teaching materials. They consist of innovative case study problems, each taking 3-5 lessons, designed to develop thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills" for students aged 11-14. The aim is to improve students' confidence in mathematics, while also encouraging new ways of teaching mathematics.

Carl Jones', Darke County ESC Director of Curriculum, Website

Carl Jones has done it all! As a veteran mathematician and technology guru, he has compiled a wealth of CCSS-M resources. Check out his e-lessons, suggested math videos, rich task resources and grade-level "learning target tabloids," to name a few.

The Math Forum at Drexel University

This site has it all! Not only can you find challenging problems of the week and lesson resources, you can get math help in "Ask Dr. Math," join a discussion group, or earn Continuing Education Units with their professional development programs.

Census at School

Census at School is an international interactive site that has classes enter survey data and then compare their information with random samples taken elsewhere.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Sort by grade band or topic for interactive applets to use in learning stations or whole-group instruction.

Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning is a great site to learn new teaching strategies, current educational trends or hear from experts in the math field. FREE math webinars connect you to peers and experts in the field of mathematics education.

National Association of Math Circles

Need to stretch your own mathematical thinking? Start or join your own Math Circle!

K-5 Common Core Mathematics Resources

I have been using these resources in some of my coaching assignments. Lots of nice rich tasks that can be easily replicated (GCV).

Calculation Nation

NEW from NCTM. Free to join. Free to play. Play against a computerized opponent or a logged-in challenger.