See below for additional CCSS-M resources created by other states:

Table of Contents

  • Organizes standards by grade-level, connecting content to the Standards for Mathematical Practice AND examples

  • Content Standards Grade Band Extensions add "essence" to each standard statement followed by a succinct list of statements for working with students with disabilities
  • Learning Progressions summarize what students must understand and be able to do within each domain at each grade
  • Prioritized Standards include enduring understandings, essential questions, and tags standards as essential, important, and compact.

  • Provides detailed curriculum maps by quarter for every grade level, including essential questions, learning targets and vocabulary terms

  • Scroll down and check out the "Flipbooks" for grades K-8. Combining resources from Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina, as well as Student Centered Mathematics by J. VandeWalle and NCTM's Focus in Grades K-8 series. Flip books are intended to help teachers understand what each standard means in terms of what students must know and be able to do. Instructional strategies and examples included.


This site has a wealth of curriculum and instructional resources. Be sure to check out:


New York
  • Choose Common Core Library for WONDERFUL and complete units of study with rich tasks and standards-based assessments
  • Provides a nice, succinct summary of the 6 instructional shifts required by the Common Core
  • Includes a video series on the shifts as well as accompanying worksheets
  • Look for the "exemplars"

North Carolina
  • has Alternative Achievement Standards for students with significant cognitive disabilities (see link to Extended Content Standards)
  • also has unpacked standards for every grade level (see link to Common Core Support Tools)
  • Check out this wikispaces created by North Carolina's Department of Public Instruction. There is a separate page each for elementary, middle school and high school CCSSM resources.

  • nicely organized Math Toolkit with video links and presentation handouts